Works for Film, Advertising and Social Initiatives

"The Wild Fields" - a 2018 feature film based on “the best Ukrainian book of the decade” according to the BBC Ukraine - Sergey Zhadan’s "Voroshilovgrad", directed by Yaroslav Lodygin and produced by Vladimir Yatsenko (Limelite). The cast includes an array of Ukrainian A-list actors - composer

"LISTEN"  - a short documentary by Min Min Hein about a revolutionary Myanmar artist Chaw Ei Thein - composer, sound producer

"Grisha’s Guide to Kiev" Grand -Prix ASVOFF, Paris - a fashion film by LA-based director Jordan Blady - composer

Two short films by Sashko Danylenko: a humorous journey into “Bike Portraits” and an animated video-lesson for Ted- ED “What Caused The French Revolution?”composer

“Bike Portraits” has recently won several awards: Best Animation - Gogolfest Kiev, Ukraine 2016; Best Picture - Velokino Fest Moscow, Russia 2016; Short List Nominee - ADAMI Media Prize 2016

“Mustafa” - a full length documentary about the national leader of Crimean Tatars, an influential politician and human rights activist Mustafa Djemilev - composer, sound producer

“Who Cares About Pal Frenak?” - a full-length documentary about the influential Hungarian dancer-choreographer Pal Frenak - co-composer, sound producer

“Piter By” - a short film by VGNC production that explores Saint Petersburg through the lives of its people - composer (additional music)

Full movie here:

“Crimea Unveiled” - a full length documentary about the distinguished Crimean Tatar ceramist Rustem Skibin, who fled Crimea saving a collection of Crimean Tatar art after Russia had annexed the peninsula - composer, sound producer

“Oh war, what have you done?” - a series of social initiatives by "Nakipelo" web channel - composer

"Orion" - an experimental short film - co-composer, sound producer

"Ch/B" - a feature film starring top-ranked Russian actors Alexey Chadov, Andrey Makovetsky and Mirab Ninidze - co-composer  

Herbalife commercial featuring the worldwide known Russian gymnast Lyasan Utiasheva - composer, sound producer (for the firm’s internal use only, no link available)