Had an absolutely fantastic time shooting one of my favorite Radiohead’s songs from their “Moon Shaped Pool” with my favorite production people Red Glass Studio in Kyiv!

Hi everyone! I am extremely humbled to present you our collaborative work with the fabulous Ukrainian dance-team Apache Crew! It is a truly mesmerizing piece of art and I am so happy to share it with you. The Crew took one of the pieces I composed for our Ukrainian-based jazz band "AQ" and turned it into a story about loneliness, craving for love, yet unceasing hope that the world can finally become a safe place for everyone, no matter what differences we have. 

Dear friends! It has been such an adventure filming on the streets of our beloved New York City! We shot a little music video at a gorgeous location in West Village and here is a result! I am forever grateful to my super talented friends from Red Glass Production for making it happen! Yana Altuhova and Stanislav Gurenko, you are the champs. So, enjoy the music and please, leave some feedback ;) Thanks!

Music written and performed by Efim Chupakhin Shot, edited and directed by Stanislaw Gurenko Inspired by Yana Altukhova and NYC Location: West village, NYC, 2016



Hi everyone, I am extremely excited to share with you two music videos of our latest collaboration with the amazing Crimean Tatar singer Elvira Sarykhalil. Dan Kurfirst, the New York-based drummer and percussionist, has joined us for this project bringing a wonderful Middle-Eastern vibe to our pallet. Please, enjoy the music :) Big thanks and much love to Hromadske TV, Comma Club, ШООМ studio and everyone who helped to produce these videos!

Also, friends, I would love to hear from you regarding either this project or whatever one's you know I am associated with, so please, hit me an email through a contact form on this website. You can find it in Contact's section. I promise to respond shortly :) 

Hey everyone! I am very excited to be a part of the creative team for Misha Chowdhury's play "Optics Of The Dying Light". It has been an amazing week of productive rehearsals of all the wonderful music that was written by an amazing composer/songwriter Laura Grill. I struggle to find proper words to explain how great Laura music is, so you can just check her out. Goose bumps and excessive amount of delight are guaranteed. Btw, I also contributed a bit by writing an opening theme that we eventually called "The Theme of Light" :) So, friends,  I strongly encourage you to come and see this enticing play! 

Extremely excited about the outcome of our collaboration with a stunning Ukrainian singer/songwriter Jamala for her latest album "Sigh"!  Please, listen to her incredible song "Promise", which I was honored to record a piano part for. 

In the following video I talk about the full length documentary "Mustafa", which I am so privileged to be a part of as the composer and sound producer. 


Recording a new album with a great friend of mine, wonderful actor, singer, songwriter Sergey Babkin. Video by Живяком